Lifeline Service

The telephone companies in Missouri are able to reduce the monthly charges for telecommunications service for certain disabled or low-income subscribers through the Lifeline and Disabled Programs. The Lifeline and Disabled Programs are government assistance programs, the service is non-transferable, only eligible consumers may enroll in the program, and the program is limited to one discount per household.


What kind of help can I receive?

With the Lifeline program, you can receive a monthly discount on certain telecommunications services of $24.00 for disabled plan customers and up to $24.00 for low income customers on their monthly bill in the form of a credit against certain telecommunications services provided by Citizens Telephone. This reduction may vary depending on each consumer’s eligibility and applies only to a single telecommunications service at the qualifying consumer’s principal place of residence.

How do I qualify?

To qualify for Lifeline in Missouri, a consumer or dependent of the household must participate in one of the following programs: MO HealthNet (f/k/a/ Medicaid), SNAP (f/k/a/ Food Stamps), Supplemental Security Income (SSI), Federal Public Housing Assistance (Section 8), Veterans and Survivors Pension Benefit, or 135% of the Federal Poverty Level. The consumer or dependent will need to either print out & complete the application (found in the link at the end of this paragraph) and mail directly to the address listed on the form or complete the form online at  Please be sure to read all the documentation listed on the form, there have been many changes. Click here for the Lifeline Application.

To qualify for Disabled Lifeline in Missouri, a consumer or dependent of the household must participate in one of the following programs: Veterans Administration Disability Benefits, State Blind Pension, State Aid to Blind Persons, State Supplemental Disability Assistance Payments Administered by the Family Support Division or Federal Social Security Disability. Click here for the Disabled Lifeline form.


Lifeline service offers a monthly federal discount of $7.25 (Voice or Broadband) and state discount of $16.75 (Voice or Voice with Broadband), for a total monthly discount of up to $24.00. The Missouri Disabled Program offers a $24.00 (Voice) monthly discount.

Carriers like Citizens providing Lifeline may not collect a service deposit in order to initiate Lifeline service, if the qualifying low-income consumer voluntarily elects toll blocking. The customer must sign, under penalty of perjury, a document certifying:

  • He/She is receiving benefits from one of the programs above
  • Name of the program(s) from which they are receiving benefits
  • That he/she will notify the company if he/she no longer participates in the program(s) above.

Download the Lifeline Application

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