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Citizens Telephone


Answering machines are helpful...
limited, but helpful.
Despite their convenience, answering machines eventually stop working. Machines are just that way. But with Voice Mail from Citizens Telephone, you never have to worry about a little machine – which means you won’t get stuck with up-front costs for equipment that may eventually break. Plus, Voice Mail can actually record incoming calls while you’re on the line. So why spend money on old technology? Call Citizens Telephone and order Voice Mail today.
660.584.2111, or 800.321.4282.


Citizens Long Distance

Tired of high rates from far away places? Simplify with Citizens Long Distance!

Affordable rates. Simplified billing.
Local response.

For affordable rates and better service call and ask about Citizens Long Distance today.

Subscribe Online to Citizens' High Speed DSL Connection!

With Citizens Telephone ExpressNet DSL, you'll experience speeds you have only dreamed of. And with ExpressNet DSL, you may even save money. Because with ExpressNet DSL, you'll be able to stay online and talk on the phone at the same time; so if you have two phone lines running to your home, you can consolidate them into a single DSL feed. Plus, with Citizens Telephone, your Internet service provision is included in your monthly fee! Call Citizens Telephone and order ExpressNet DSL today. 660.584.2111 or 800.321.4282